Beautiful View of the Falls

Aerial View of the Falls

Majestic Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls - High Water Season

The Victoria Falls Bridge

Long Island - Mighty Zambezi River




Victoria Falls spans more than one mile wide and plummets between 350 to 360 feet, making it twice the width and depth of Niagara Falls.During the height of the rainy season (April),more than 300,000 gallons of water travel over the falls every second.
A unique feature of the Victoria Falls is that opposite the water fall the level of the land continues,allowing the visitor to walk along its whole length, separated only by the gorge,and close enough to feel the roar of the water as it drops into the Batoka Gorge.So vast are the falls and their setting that it is very difficult to grasp their true grandeur.
Aptly known as the adventure capital of the Africa,Victoria Falls Town is an epicenter offering travelers a wide range of activities,whilst on the doorstep the mighty Victoria Falls roars. Activities range from Game Activities, Adventure Activities and Scenic Activities.

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